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*NSYNC Cd Release Party

Hey ppl! :)

My friend and I just got back from the cd release party for *NSYNCs new album "Celebrity". It took place at Downtown Disney, in the Virgin Records Megastore from 11 pm - 1 am. Man that place was PACKED. We could barely move around in there! Shoot. I bet people are just now beginning to clear out of there. Some may even still be in line. Who knows.

A dj from a local radio station was there. He was giving out posters and autographed copies of a special edition of Teen People magazine. It was only about *NSYNC. They gave away some tickets to an upcoming concert too.

They were playing new tracks off the cd (I've heard all of them anyway) over the loud speakers. So *NSYNC was blasting in Downtown Disney. lmao.

Oh yeah. Chris Kirkpatricks mom showed up. She was up in the djs booth. So I couldn't really see her. Then around 12:15 am, Lance called in from LA to say hi. It was great :)

My friend and I are picking up our copies later today because we reserved them elsewhere. We're getting them a couple bucks cheaper too.

So yeah that was my exciting evening. Living in Orlando, definately has its perks.

Anyone else think that they'll be able to break the record they set last year for first day sales? My friend and I think they (well we, the fans and the guys) can.

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