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Hey All!

I've currently been the proud owner of two Celebrity albums for an hour. I'm so excited (though I've heard 10 of the 13 tracks already), I have to learn the words still.

I entered Super Kmart around 12:15, with about seven other people who walked directly to the electronics department, as I did. I picked up two, walked to the checkout, and according to the receipt, I bought them at 12:18am. Insane? Just slightly.

But it's NSYNC Day. No one can be mad on Rex Manning Day (hee hee, Empire Records.)

Today is NSYNC Day though. I watched the View this morning, Road to Celebrity in the afternoon, followed by TRL ("Pop" was number one, of course), and Leno tonight. The boys will be on TRL on Tuesday, and who knows what else is going on. I hope they break their own record sales. The way I see it, when No Strings Attached came out, I wasn't a fan, so I never bought a copy. This time around, they have gained thousands of fans and if you are like me and my sister, the two of us combined will have bough 5 copies. FIVE copies for TWO people. We are insane. Then again, we also traveled 12 hours to see them in concert, and will probably road trip to Kentucky (which is only about 8 hours, 7 if your lucky). For becoming fans within the past 9 months, we are damn good fans who contribute to the growing empire. It's okay, cus they seem all level headed and decent people. It would be bad if they were jerks, but they are sweeties, so it's okay.

I need to start learning lyrics. I've only memorized "Pop" and "Gone" thus far, I still have 11 tracks to go. [At least I don't have the import, then I'd have about 14 more tracks to learn.] Silver lining. Night night guys. Have fun buying your CDs!!

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