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Armagedd'N SYNC

I just got done watching MTVs *NSYNC: The Road To Celebrity. I think one of the funniest moments was the Armagedd'N SYNC skit. hehehe

Announcer: "A world underfire..."

"It's a giant asteroid,"

"That's not an asteroid. It's an asterix."

"My god... it's enormous."

"Seems to have dislodged from the talent girl group, B*Witched. It's gaining momentum and its hurdling towards earth."

Announcer: "And only one group can put the planet back... *NSYNC"

"Gentlemen we need their high spirited boy pop. We've got 18 days to harness the power of their positive beats to stop the asterix. *NSYNCs our only hope... plus I've always wanted to JC."

Announcer: "Armagedd'N SYNC"

"You will be experience zero gravity, this may be devastating to your foot work. Who's the leader of the group?"

"Leader?! There's no 'I' in *NSYNC!" - JC

Announcer: "Sometimes the only ones who can save humanity.."

"We have 18 minutes til zero barrier,"

Announcer: "Are the dreamiest white boys on earth."

"We may not have much experience driving your fancy rocket mobiles, or blowing up astyroids. But when it comes to poppin' fresh dance moves, this is the best rag tag group of pretty boys on the planet!" - Justin

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