Jewel Noxenet (jnoxenet) wrote in nsyncer,
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Wade... on Oprah? lol

Now I usually don't watch Oprah, which makes this even funnier. However after I got home from college today I flipped on the tv for something to watch. I saw that the topic on Oprah today was "Cool Jobs" so I figured I'd watch.

Fifteen minutes later, she starts talking about this guy who's been dancing since he was two and then all of a sudden, a video of Wade comes on. Wade was talking to the camera of course. The guys were with him too because he was working with them at the time. I was like "That's Wade!" lmao. It was just sooo weird. The guys were funny, per usual. They were all introducing themselves and we're like.. "in case you don't know who we are..." or something like that. It was great. haha. They were saying how great Wade was and everything. Lance kept calling him a genius. What a surprise, that made my day lol.

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